Chris Smithson - Testimonials

How fast did your agent respond to your questions: 5 out of 5 How well did your agent use technology: 5 out of 5 How helpful was the support staff: 5 out of 5 How good was the auxiliary services we recommended: 5 out of 5 How did the closing go: 5 out of 5 How close did we meet your expectations: 5 out of 5 How likely are you to recommend us: 5 out of 5 Services used: Buy How did you find us: Past Client Your most memorable moment Being patient looking at a lot of different properties one day.

G. McWilliams

Chris and his team have been fantastic!

Georgia Pelton

We can't express our appreciation enough for the hard work and integrity that went along with it .

.. as Chris worked through the entire process with us in selling our home. I've known & have worked with Chris for years ... so to work with him one last time, as we planned our move, was awesome. He's a terrific individual, honest, loyal and doesn't play head-games in the sales arena. I'm sure the management of this firm is aware of the 'class' that Chris brings to the table. All I can ask, is that you treat him right and turn him loose. He'll get the job done!! Mike O'Brien

Mike O'brien

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